Soap Service Language Description

Soap Service Language Description – What is it?

SOAP Service Description Language or SSDL in short is a contract definition language based on SOAP for web services. It is a basic framework which can help in the development of a number of protocol description frameworks that can either provide an alternative for WSDL or offer up an expressive contract definition language that allows for reasoning and validation about a Web Service’s protocols. There are primarily four protocol description frameworks available with the base SOAP service language description but third parties are allowed to implement other frameworks that work for them. In order to truly understand SSDL, one has to understand SOAP first.

SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)

SOAP is the standard messaging protocol that is used by web services. It is allows programs that are running of different operating systems to communicate with each other using HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and XML (Extensible Markup Language). SSDL is based on specifically this protocol and is used for describing the SOAP message transfers only. In this respect, SSDL is different from WSDL which is a much more generic description language that is not based purely on SOAP and can be used for other underlying transport and transfer technologies.

Characteristics of SSDL

SSDL is a very beneficial description language particularly for SOAP messages and since SOAP is the standard messaging protocol of web services, SSLD is by far the best option available for describing SOAP message transfers. The following are some of the other characteristics of this description language.
Since SSDL is a SOAP specific description language, it does not need to define bindings for all transport protocols.

The main focus of SSDL is on protocols and messages. This is why terms like inheritance, operation and interface are not used with SSDL.
The component model for SSDL is assumed to be XML Infoset as there is no need to create a new component model for contract description.
XInclude is used for handling modularization of contracts.
SSDL encourages protocol framework extensibility. It means that third parties are allowed to plug in different protocol description models into it.

Benefits of SSDL over WSDL

SSDL has many benefits over WSDL. The most important benefit is simplicity in use. SSDL makes it much simpler to describe SOAP message transfers than it is possible with WSDL. The main reason for this is the SSDL is based on SOAP entirely while WSDL is not. This is why describing a SOAP transfer message by SSDL is much easier than by WSDL. In addition to this, infrastructure protocols that use SOAP headers are difficult to describe using WSDL because of its generic nature while describing them with SSDL is much easier since it is a SOAP-based description language. Another of the advantage of SSDL over WSDL is that it focuses on message orientation for achieving integration rather than interface abstraction for describing services.

Thus, SOAP service description language is a great tool that can be very useful in replacing Web service description language.

Growth in High Tech Job Markets

Growth in High Tech Job Markets

The present age is the age of technology. If you haven’t understood it yet then you only have to see the increasing growth rate in high tech job markets. It is easy to see what the people want to do and where the most money is. Recent surveys and reports all show that high tech jobs are what are driving the economic growth in most of the cities in the country. The reason for this is simple, people have realized that the future lies in the high tech job market and they are embracing it with each passing second. There are a number of other reasons why the high tech companies are the ones that are doing the most recruitment and are getting the most profit too.

The Reliance on IT

One of the major reasons why the high tech industry is showing such a high growth rate is because of the growing reliance on Information technology and computers. Every department of every sector nowadays has some kind of computer system installed and it requires a team of IT professionals for handling it. Moreover, the high tech companies that are responsible for coming up with new technology almost every other day have numerous positions to fill if they are to keep on producing new technology at the rate required. This is why, the high tech companies are expanding quickly and are recruiting new people much more than any other industry.

Changing Interests

The rise of technology and the benefits that it has bestowed on the human race has changed the interests of the youngsters and they have become more interested in IT than the other job markets. With more and more students vying for admissions in IT universities and learning technical subjects, it’s no wonder that the IT industry is doing so well. Besides this, the lure of the money and the new innovations that are made in the IT field is another reason why students are trying to become IT professionals than farmers.

The Need of the Hour

Beside the above mentioned reasons, the most important reason why the high tech job market is seeing such growth is because it is the need of the hour. Read more. With the current state of affairs of our planet and the diminishing resources, it is imperative that we have the technology available to us that can help us in surviving what the future holds for mankind. This need is making the high tech companies to invest heavily in their research programs and come up with new technological advancements that can help us in saving our planet and making lives of the people easier. For these research projects, they need new people. This is why so many jobs in R&D are becoming available these days.

Thus, the growth of the high tech job markets is a thing that we do need and is something that needs to be cherished. It is good that people have finally recognized that technology is the way forward and only by investing in it that we can think of having a stable future.

Careers in Web Coding are Expanding

Careers in Web Coding are Expanding

Web coding is one of the fields, which has seen major expansion in the recent years. It is still growing at a frenetic pace and there is no chance of it stopping anytime soon either. Since information technology is ruling the roost in virtually every department, it is no wonder that web coding is fast becoming a popular profession and the number of web coding professionals is increasing rapidly too. People from all backgrounds and academic qualifications are trying out their luck in web coding and it is nice to see that they are getting good opportunities as well, even at major companies like Wal-mart and Home Depot. Besides the increasing reliance of companies and businesses on IT, there are other reasons why we are seeing such a high growth in careers in web coding.

Lots of New Programming Languages

Many new programming languages have been introduced in the recent few years. All of them are very easy to understand and follow that just about anyone with a little technical knowledge and a bit of guidance can start using them. This easiness of programming and coding is something that has helped many people who were not good at this in coming back to the field. This has increased the number of web coding professionals in the market. Moreover, these new programming languages are rapidly being used for making new applications and websites and these budding programmers and web coders are getting their opportunity to impress.

The Growing Internet Trend

With every business company now realizing that going online is the only way forward, the need of web developers and web coding professionals is regularly increasing. It is a logical trend too since most of the business companies do not have the technical expertise to set up their own websites and are seeking the help of web developers and programmers for making their websites and getting them online. With the demand of web development and web coding increasing, the careers in this field are bound to expand as well and this is exactly what is happening nowadays.

An In-Demand Skill

Web coding is one of the most in-demand skills at the present moment. People in almost all industries are required to have at least some kind of knowledge about coding and web development if they are to progress further in their careers. This is why many people are taking up web coding courses to get acquainted with at least one programming language and get the basics of web development so that they can use this skill to develop their careers. What is interesting to note is that several of the people doing these courses are eventually leaving their respective jobs and are starting to work as independent and freelance web developers as well as they see the potential in this field is much more than in their present careers.

The expansion and growth in careers in web coding is a very good sign. It indicates that people are becoming aware of the importance of web coding and development and are finding career opportunities in this field too.